I think about education (English ver.)


Today I would like to write about education.

What a grand theme. 

I am not worthy of writing. 

But I have been thinking about “education” a lot lately.

I wonder what the best “education” is and what constitutes “education” in the first place.

I have come up with some vague ideas of my own, so I thought I would record them here.

Why education is necessary

Let me start here.

For example, animals are taught by their parents how to hunt when they are children, and once they are on their own, they pursue and acquire food by themselves to survive. They will also learn where they can drink water, build nests, who their enemies are, and so on.

Learning these various things to survive is one kind of education.

Without this education, animals would not be able to hunt or look for water, they would not know who their enemies are, and they would probably be killed quickly in the severe food chain.

Getting an education is necessary even for animals.

What if we apply this to the human world?

When we are children, we have two places of education: school and home.

There, we are taught, learn, and study various things, and once we enter society, we work hard and earn money.

In the case of animals, learning how to hunt is the study of humans, and hunting and catching animals for food is the work of humans to earn money, I think.

In this way, we can see that studying (getting an education) and working (earning money) are prerequisites for human beings to live.

I don’t have to go to this much trouble to write about it, though, as I am sure most all of us understand such things naturally.

Just as animals cannot live well if they cannot learn to hunt, humans cannot live well if they cannot be educated.

However, in the animal world, failure to live well is directly linked to death, whereas in the human world, even if you fail to live well, you will not die immediately. There is a safety net in place. We can live somehow.

Because animals are directly connected to death, they learn how to hunt to death.

However, because the human world is not directly connected to death, we can somehow survive, so perhaps we underestimate the importance of education a little.

The Role of Education

Once you understand that education is necessary for life, what is education and what is its role? I want to write about the following.

This is entirely my interpretation.

I have divided the role of education into three categories.

  1. Education for Study
  2. Education for Character
  3. Education for Peace (happiness)

Education for Study

Education for the study is elementary to understand. Study at school.

Math, Japanese, science, social studies, physical education, home economics, art, music, etc., etc.

When I was a child, many children disliked or did not like studying because they did not know what it could do for them.

It is the same for adults. If you are told to do something and you don’t understand it, you may ask yourself, “What’s the use of this? “What happens if I do this?” Why are you doing this?” and it is genuinely questionable, and motivation is not particularly high.

It is the same with children. They are told to go to school and study, but they are never told what this will do for them in the future. They have no motivation to work hard because they don’t know why.

It is much more fun to play games or hang out with friends. Nowadays, smartphones and social networking sites are easily available, so it’s extra.

Playing with friends is fun because using your body produces pleasure hormones, and games are also fun because they successfully stimulate the reward system of the brain. So I flow to that more easily than to boring studies. And especially since children are not that rational.

But studying is very important as a foundation for life, and everything you learn becomes food for thought.

So what do you think about it? About the future and a good society, of course. I think it’s about the future and a good society.

How can we create a good future and a good society? What can I do about that?

I think your life will change greatly depending on whether or not you can think about the probability of that.

The ability to make correct judgments and decisions when there is a problem is cultivated through study and thought.

This is a very important ability in life. For this reason, studying is necessary.

Education for Character

I wrote that “power” can be obtained through study education.

However, it is up to the individual to use that power for good or for bad.

Occasionally, when I see a news story about a ‘smart’ crime being committed, I wonder why the person did not use that ability in a good way.

To put it more simply, for example, if you had 100 million yen, would you use the money to organize a criminal group, or would you organize a non-profit organization that would benefit the world?

The same 100 million yen used in very different ways will have a very different impact on society.

We want to live in a peaceful world if possible. Of course, we do. No one is tired of living in a hellish, conflict-ridden, and war-ridden society.

Then each of us needs to use the power we have gained from our studies in the right direction.

If we believe that the right decisions and actions come from the right mind, we need to improve our character, which cultivates the mind.

This is one of the roles of education.

Education for Peace (happiness

As I mentioned in the character education section, I believe that everyone wants to live in a peaceful world as a hope for all humankind.

What about the bad people in the world? I believe that is also true by omission.

I often hear the theory of sexual goodness and sexual evil. I believe that no one is born with a predetermined nature.

A person’s true nature is nurtured in the environment in which he or she is brought up.

Therefore, a bad person was not born a bad person from the very beginning, but a bad heart sprouted in the environment in which he or she was brought up. And when they became adults, they could only live in such a way. I think that is the only way to live.

If we are educated in a good environment from childhood, all people will be able to live with a righteous heart.

What kind of world is a world where all people have the right mind? I think that is a peaceful world. I think it is a peaceful world.

To create a peaceful world, education is the key.

I also wrote “happiness” in parentheses. I wrote it because I thought that a peaceful world is a happiness.

Suppose you alone achieve your goals in life, become successful, earn a great deal of money, achieve status and fame, and become happy.

But what if everyone around you is unhappy, or all you hear about is war?

But can I be the only one who feels happy? I think, “What is it?

Maybe I don’t feel very happy. It is not that I am unhappy. If I see that reality, I probably won’t feel happy.

I think that peace and happiness in the world will lead to my happiness.

I hope this is the basis of education.

The importance and significance of studying. It is also important to nurture the mind to use the power acquired through study in the right direction. Finally, I think the “education” of mankind is for all people to receive such education, and for all mankind to work together to create world peace.